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Dear Chromatographer

Chromatography Knowledge is the currency to your personal success!

Chromatography has grown to an important science, technology and method. During the past 60 years chromatography has been continuously advanced and adopted to separate and purify successfully newly developed molecules.

Have you ever considered the forces behind this success? The forces are people like you, special People! You may be an Employee in a company or in academia, an owner of a company or a student . Have you ever asked “What makes my job in  chromatography secure and rewarding?”

Every employee, worker or manager, is hired with the thoughts that he/she will create more value for his company than what company owners pays for her/his costs ( salary/wages etc.)!

If you are being hindered to be productive because somebody doesnt let you or you simply dont know how to convert your technical knowledge into value – than your job is insecure.

In academia you are either as researcher or lecturer.  You create value by inventing new – to – the – world – knowledge or applications that can be protected and published. The size of the created value depends on whether or not a buyer is found and how much he is ready to pay for transfer of your know how. You may just past exams and not create anything of value.  In a competitive world  the value creators have much higher career chances and job security.

If a company owner does employ people that dont create value that exeed their costs the company will not be sustainable.

Many Managers prefer to save costs over value creation because it is easier. It is popular to reduce staff or  to pressurize suppliers for discounts). Cost saving is a very limited game and the results are generally not spectacular. (Large companies are permanently reducing costs. However cost evolution in creating new pharmaceutical has risen from USD 450 Mio/NCE/NBE in 1995 to USD 4.8 Mia by 2015.)

Creating value requires knowledge, strategy, tenacity and discipline. Adding value may result in more clients or patent extension of say two years. This in-turn has a high probability to create additional revenue in terms of billions.

Many chromatographers and drug discoverers don’t have job security.  They engage in commoditizing and not specializing their work. They can be easily exchanged by automated equipment and standard methods.

In this Knowledge Section we present tools that empower you to put more efficiency and effectiveness into your work. The growth of the industry was due to the fact that many small highly specialized companies together with users in the pharmaceutical and biotech companies have created many unique tools and with them unique products and services.  In the meantime the large companies have appointed large public owned lab supply companies to supply commoditized products. They have and outsourced innovation to universities. Universities produce lots of “prove of concepts” and publication.  What is missing are the creative entrepreneurs that work together with pioneers in the large companies to create together innovation and value. No wonder the industry is currently on a plateau in the product life cycle. Plateaus are not sustainable, they either return to further growth with new perspectives and technologies or they decline and eventually disappear due to inactive professionals or do to the emergence of novel disruptive technologies.

New mangers come into some large pharmaceutical companies. Their job is to create new growth through new products. Most realise that this is possible only through innovative and motivated technical people. Outstanding technical people are strong individuals who compete by showing that they are outstanding. They are not team players that need a high level of freedom. Todays administrator dont want outstanding people – they want conformists that can be controlled. 

To change the status quo one has to return to collaboration with technically competent innovators and highly motivated entrepreneurs that have funds to create new technologies. They are out there changing the world with motivated  technical endusers.

It is our mission to return to product growth. We have many loyal partners who colaborate with us because they know that we have a large pool of resources and a track record  in innovation and creating highly differentiated products and value.

We get regular enquiries from desperate managers in large companies. They want to hire us to lay for them the golden egg.  They dont realize that entrepreneurs are not employees.  They work together with highly competent technical partners to merge both skills to form new to the world technology or products. In the years between 1960 and 2000 many entrepreneurial companies were behind the growth of the pharmaceutical companies  in Europe.  Harvard Prof. Michael Porter investigated competitiveness.  In his books he praised the high level of innovation and competitiveness of the chemical industries in Basle. Unfortunaly he did not relize that top Manager developed convenient partnerships with many small and private entrepreneurial companies to help  in new product development.  Task distribution was the pharmaceutical  companies business was drug development, production and and global distribution. The entrepreneurial partners pioneered new rawmaterials, processes, packing marketing and sales system for the pharmaceutical partners.  With the globalisation and distribution of the new drugs they became prefered supply partners. This way the pharmacompanies spread quickly  around the globe and the entrepreneurial partners could also build their own wealth.

that supplied their ressouces to quickly innovativeness   This requires active and innovative market participants. We will support chromatographers to get back to We have a huge pool of unique tools to assist in total confidentiality genuine pioneers around the globe.  Please send us an  E-Mail with a rough description of your new idea or anticipated win-win strategy.