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ACE Classical HPLC Column Range

ACE Classical HPLC Column Product Benefits

  • ACE Classical HPLC
  • Excellent performance : up to 200,000 plates / metre
  • ACE & ACE Excel are extremely popular columns in the market
  • Column lengths : 1 cm – 25 cm
  • Column diameters: 1.0 mm – 30.0 mm
  • Particle sizes ACE: 3 µm, 5µm, 10 µm and 15µm
  • Particle sizes ACE Excel: 2 µm, 3 µm, 5µm
  • Pore sizes: 100 Å and 300 Å
  • Range of bonded phases: C18, C8, C4, CN, Phenyl, AQ, C18-HL, C18-AR, C18-PFP
    Fully validated Columns
  • Excellent for LC/MS and rapid analysis applications
  • The ultra inert characteristics of all ACE phases make them the ideal choice for separating polar basic compounds.
  • ACE columns consistently produce outstanding peak shape and column efficiency when separating troublesome basic compounds.
  • ACE High Purity Base Deactivated Silica guarantee reproducibility, excellent column lifetime and excellent performance with acidic, basic and neutral molecules by the most stringent of validation protocols.
    Independent comparison tests show ACE HPLC columns give outstanding performance.

Separation Methods for ACE Classical HPLC Column

Application field 1: High selectivity analytical HPLC methods for clinical, forensics and bioanalytics. Used in biochemistry, metabolism, serum injections and all type of saccharides. Click link below

Clinical – Forensic – Bioanalysis Methods

Application field 2: Analytical methods for Environmental and agricultural compounds.  This field is local and not globally oriented. However, these are excellent start-up samples. Click link below

Methods for environmental and agricompound analysis

Application field 3: Methods for food purity and efficacy in nutrition are of global concern. Governments try to regulate food & nutrition through wide range of methods. Click link below

Methods for food-beverage-nutrition analysis

Application field 4: Methods for active ingredients drug compounds and admixtures in pharmaceutical Research & Development and Production. Click link below

Methods for active ingredients and pharmaceutical compounds

Application field 5:  Methods for mass spectrometry and other instrumental detectors provide additional separation and high-resolution quantification. Click link below

Methods for Mass Spec and other high-resolution detectors

Application field 6: Analytical methods for amino acids, peptides and proteins are important for separation, purification and quantification of complex bio-related compounds. Click link below

Methods for Amino-Acides-Peptides-Proteins

Application field 7: Wide range of botanical compounds in a wide range of matrixes. Sample Preparation and Analytical Methods for botanical compounds. Click link below


Application field 8: Innovation creates and requires novel synthetic polymers industrial chemicals and miscellaneous compounds. Here you discover many unique methods. Click link below

Methods for synthetic Polymers and novel industrial compounds

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