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Hydrophilic  Interaction Chromatography (HILIC) is a variant of normal phase chromatography  which is performed using polar stationary phases whith partially aequeous eluents. The technique combines the characteristics of 3 major liquid chromatography techniques – reverse phase- normal phase and ion chromatography. HILIC is an alternative approach to reverse phase for the effective separation of polar compounds. Solutes elute in order of hydrophilicity (polarity) the opposite of reverse phase thus providing an orthogonal selectivity.

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Description of HILIC Processes

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Application field 1: High selectivity analytical HPLC methods for clinical, forensics and bioanalytics. Used in  biochemistry, metabolism, serum injections and all type of saccharides. Click link below

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Application field 8: Innovation creates and requires novel synthetic polymers industial chemicals and miscellaneous compounds. Here you discover many unique methods. Click link below

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