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Helix Chromatography

Helix Chromatography is  a spinn out company from SieLc, formed and owned by Vlad Orlovsky, CEO & President.
HELIX Chromatography is located at 15 E. Palatine Rd., Suite 118, Prospect Heights, IL 60070 USA.

Vlad is a creative chemists that empowers chromatographers with unique and high quality Mixed Mode  columns and methods.

Product Range of Helix Chromatography

  1. Coresep HPLC columns

Coresep combine unique selectivity of mixed-mode interactions with high efficiency of core-shell technology, allowing chemists to develop single, efficient and robust HPLC method for separation of of broad range of compounds with different properties

2. Amaze HPLC Columns (Website under construction. Please contact us for help or quotations !)

A new line of mixed-mode columns, reflecting years of chemistry optimization by lead scientists in the industry. Amaze columns are suitable for analysis of complex mixtures containing various types of components – polar, non-polar, hydrophobic, hydrophilic, organic and inorganic – within one run.

3. Heritage HPLC Columns   (Website under construction. Please contact us for help or quotations !)

Is an inexpensive line of HPLC columns developed specifically for US Pharmacopeia methods. The line includes most popular US Pharmacopeia columns like C18, C8, C4, bare silica, aminopropyl, cyano and phenyl.

4. Daze 47 HPLC Column  (Website under construction. Please contact us for help or quotations !)

Daze is a multi-modal HPLC column designed for analysis of real world  marijuana samples, not just standards. A unique chemistry on the surface helps to avoid interference coming from components of plant extracts, edibles, and other infused marijuana products. It’s a perfect choice for analysis of potency of marijuana, as well as contaminants like pesticides. The column is fully compatible with LC/MS mobile phases for trace analysis of contaminants.

Why Mixed Mode Chromatography

Retains and separates compounds with drastically different properties in one run without Ion-pairing reagent

Mixed-mode chromatography offers a unique alternative selectivity which cannot be matched by reversed-phase or HILIC columns.

Multiple interaction on a single column offers 2D type chromatography as a tool to separate complex mixtures with a variety of compounds possessing opposite properties: hydrophobic and hydrophilic, neutral and ionic, cation and anion exchange. The combination of core-shell and mixed-mode technologies offers a unique combination of selectivity, efficiency and speed.

85% or chromatographers use Reversed Phase Chromatography.  More and more compounds have multiple domainsin different concentration in their molecular construction. (Hydrophophic, hydrophilic, ionic, chiral etc.) Professional chromatographers try to address these domains to increase method reproducibility, selectivity and in prep applications yield. 

Reverse Phase Chromatographers  commoditize the industry and become an exchangeable factor.  Commodity products are available at discounts but the saving is marginal and has not done anything to reduce cost in research and development. (See EROOM graph in the section Happy Chromatographer!).  Successful progress in life science R & D is only possible with unique and more erffective products that can be IPR protected.  Professional Chromatographers use their know how and skills to to create unique and better methods.  Such people are of huge vale to a company and not easy replacable.

Contact us if you want to explore this unique opportunity.