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Scherzo HPLC Columns

Scherzo HPLC Column  is a multimode Column Range. Each Column is constructed with 1.  a Reverse Phase Ligand plus 2. a Cation ExchangeLigand and 3. a Anion Exchange ligand. Scherzo column are used for simultaneous analysis of  cationic and anionic compounds. The range comprises three columns.

  • Scherzo SS-C18
  • Scherzo SM-C18
  • Scherzo SW- C18

Why should I buy Scherzo HPLC Column ?

They are particularly interesting for LC-MS application with using ion pairing agents.

Scherzo SS-C18 contains a large amount of strong ionic ligands loaded on a C18 column. It provides improve retention of  zwitter ionic and weak ionic compounds.

Scherzo SM-C18 comprises weak ionic ligand loaded onto a C18 column.  For separation of basic and acidic compounds at neutral pH.

Scherzo SW- C18 comprises a low ammount of strong ionic ligands loaded onto a C18 Column. For separating strong ionic compounds or basic compounds  with formic acid eluent

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