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Imtakt for innovative HPLC Chromatography

Imtakt for innovative HPLC Chromatography technology. Imtakt Corporation was formed and is located in Kyoto, Japan with a subsidiary in Portland Oregon USA by private investors including the technical brain Itaru Yazawa.  LCC is the Sole Distributor for Switzerland.

LCC Official IMTAKT Distributor
LCC Official IMTAKT Distributor

Beforehand Yasawa-san worked for many years as a technical manager is a large Japanese Chromatography company. Unlike some other competitors, Yasawa-san and his team develop and manufacture very unique solutions for complex separation/purification problems.

Message from our founder

It is my passion and life’s work to bring the best possible column technology to the world of chromatography. Every new column design is created with the utmost attention to detail, with the goal to create the perfect solution to problems that chromatographers face every day. It is my commitment to developing the most innovative columns in the world with the highest standards of quality and design in column manufacturing.

Why should I buy Imtakt for innovative HPLC Chromatography products?

Some people walk through the world with open eyes but they don’t see the diversity in our world. Specialists are trained to see small differences in problems, benefits and beauties. Yasawa with his team put an incredible amount of passion into the products thus helping professional chromatographers to achieve outstanding problem solutions and respect from their superiors.  Imtakt also tests its strategies with scientific test data (see   ). Professional Chromatographers can trust the technical data.

Imtakt for innovative HPLC Chromatography makes life comfortable for Chromatographers

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