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Kromasil Chiral Column

High-performing chiral phases

Polysaccharide-based Kromasil AmyCoat and CelluCoat stretch the limits for chiral chromatography. The silica used is based on a proprietary matrix and coated with a functionalized amylose or cellulose selector.

AmyCoat and CelluCoat give high resolution, excellent selectivity and stable performance when switching between compatible mobile phases. Users do not have to worry about pressure limits, as both Kromasil AmyCoat and CelluCoat can withstand flow rates equivalent to pressures of up to 400 bar – i.e. the limit for most standard HPLC systems.

Chemistry and Particle Structure of Kromasil Chiral Material

Kromasil AmyCoat wide pore, amylose coated chiral separation material
Chemical Structure of AmyCoat
Chemical structure of CeluCoat chiral selector material

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