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Kromasil Classic HPLC Columns

Kromasil Classic Columns Product Benefits

  1. Kromasil Classic Columns separates most substances
  2. Almost not metal impurities
  3. Perfect surface coverage with outstanding batch to batch reproducibility
  4. High ligand density achieved with monofunctional silanes
  5. Strong surface hydrophobicity  resulting to high separation power and long lasting performance
  6.  Symetrical peaks
  7.  Chemical stability
Particle Size Distribution
Kromasil Classic Columns packed with 100 A particle size distribution

What does this mean for Chromatographers?

a. High availability of surface area meaning high loadability and thus high productivity

b.  Excellent mechanical and chemical stability resulting in long life time and reduced costs

c.  The perfectly shaped silica . The particles are designed to improve efficiency and consequently decrease costs in laboratory analysis and prep and production scale purification steps.


Download Kromasil Datasheet 60A Materials.

Download Kromasil Datasheet 100A Materials

Kromasil Classic Product Range