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Column Manufacturer M to Z

Column Manufacturer M to Z key providers of innovative tools

In this section, we present Column Manufacturer M to Z. Some of them are the most creative people in the chromatographic industry.  They regularly come up with new separation chemistries mechanisms and tools to break down the limits and to empower us to handle any separation challenge.

The manufacturer includes

Microsolve specialists in Cogent silica hydride materials

Princeton pioneers in SFC technology

PolyLC – Pioneer in Biochromatography

Shinwa manufacturer of Ultron

SieLC the mixed-mode specialist

Welch Materials the Gateway into China

Zirchom materials for extreme conditions

We in the industry accept that 10 to 15% are defined as large or major diseases. They have the potential to return billions in revenue

Besides major diseases, we have two more categories. 1.  The Orphan or rare diseases and 2. the Tropical diseases.  It is a fundamental desire of humanity to live healthier and longer.  This wish has triggered the birth of the health sector. Indeed, millions of people around the globe search for ways and means to improve quality of life and long life. However, everybody also knows that human health is a very complex and fragile molecular and cellular driven process. To move forward we require knowledgeable, skilled and innovative people that evolve new strategies and tools to systematically eliminate health problems.

Product Range

People that solve (health) problems are in high demand – worldwide

In the past say 100 years those people that solve health problems can be divided into two groups. Group 1, the employees and Group 2, the risk-taking entrepreneurs. The first group works for a salary that is paid either by taxpayers or by investors. The second groups are innovative R & D minded people that create new technical tools and therapies to be sold to users. The users use these new tools to create tangible health problem solutions that are being sold to health professionals and patients.

The entrepreneurs pre-invest substantial funds in the design and production of the tools. This group of people take considerable risks because they don’t know how many clients will buy their tools. However, they are convinced that they will be able to create unique tools that solve health problems. They also believe that their tools will be bought by the first group of people at a profit. In the past 50 years, these two groups have created lots of new knowledge (Biochemistry, Biotech, Proteomics, Metabolomics, genetics etc.) and many new jobs in life sciences. And of course, this growing pool of specialists have advanced the health sector and created new wealth and extended life expectancy.

Strange bedfellows are now trying to look after our health

The finance sector in western economies saw in the past decade huge profit potential by helping the public service to manage the cash and financing stream in the health sector. Pharma-manager saw possibilities to “outsource” high-risk activities from their balance sheets into universities. Venture Capitalists emerged to offer their services and to maximize productivity in start-ups. The resultant is amazing.  Between 1995 and 2015 cost to develop new pharmaceuticals grew from USD 450 Mio to USD 4.5 Billion. And productivity declined sharply.

Since about 8 years hedge funds are quietly acquiring hospitals, paramedical organization, pharmaceutical companies and lab supply organization. Finance companies are service providers for people with money.  Their goal is simple, that is to maximize their returns. This can be done through creative problem solutions (New Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, MedTech products and therapies) or opportunistic commoditization and automation of existing processes.

Dare to stand up

What we are now witnessing is gradual disassemble of the successful and complex Health sector. Empathy driven processes are commoditized and automated without asking the beneficiaries, the patients.  Job turnover is accelerating, and aggression and apathy are growing within the industry. Indeed, the western health sector is gradually converting from innovation-driven problem-solving sector towards assembly lines with a standard solution for standard diseases.  In the mean-time, new competitors are emerging in Asia and Africa. They use similar strategies that made western companies wealthy in the past (Innovation, IPR, Joint Venturing, Quality products).

Column Manufacturer M to Z are key providers of innovative tools

Beloved Chromatographers, to not lose your uniqueness and skills. Make sure the health sector is not being destroyed. Today you still a job and income. Unfortunately, you don’t know for how long. Commoditization destroys profit margin and jobs for specialists.

Most of our manufacturing partners believe that the life sciences can’t survive without purification and separation technologies. They own small and versatile companies with unique and innovative products. We are surrounded by commoditizer and could easily join the fray.  However, every year we create new additional problem-solving products and education for our clients. Procuring specialised products empowers you to regain your specialist status.  Intelligent managers realise that you have a strong desire to advance the industry and to improve profitability. 

Commoditizer should evaluate their strategies!

Why there are still so many small companies that take high risks to invest and to create novel problem solution?  History has proven that there are always people around that want to change the world. Changing the world can’t be delegated. The serious doers with tenacity know that hard work brings success. It has always been dedicated to single-minded individuals and leaders with conservative values, clear goals and tenacity to achieve their goals that change the world.