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Microsolv make Cogent Column

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Microsolv make Cogent HPLC Column including a range of specialties

MicroSolv Technology Corporation is a pioneer in manufacture of Silica hydride based Cogent HPLC columns. Indeed, their Silica hydride columns and ANP methods  are the choice for separating highly polar small molecules. Besides, they are used worldwide as favoured product in metabolomics industry

MicroSolv Technology Corporation is designing, producing, and selling specialty products for the separation and purification sciences. Their product range includes HPLC and GC columns, vials, and tools. The purpose of most products are to reduce workload or to increase effectiveness in chromatography.

We represent MicroSolv Technology since about 20 years in the German speaking countries.

MicroSolv is in 9158 Industrial Boulevard NE, Leland, NC 28451, USA.

Speaking about this, Silicas come in three different types

Silica Type A:  is Silica gel manufactured prior 2000. Silica gel caries four different silanol groups on the particle surface. Indeed, the ratio of acidity and reactivity of silanol groups varies. In the early era it was difficult to control the ratios of the various silica moieties. Conjugating organic ligands to the surface was a gamble.

Silica Type B; After 2000 the industry launched  ultrapure base deactivated Silica gel. Silica gel B type provides sharp peaks and good reproducibility with stabile methods.

Cogent type B Silica specialty products are:

Chiral Columns: Cogent EE, Cellulose Coated
High Performance Reverse phase columns: Cogent hQ,
Longer Chain, Hydrophobic Columns:  Cogent C27, Cogent C30

Silica Type C:

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