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Promix HPLC Column

Promix Biomolecular HPLC Column

Why should I buy Promix?

Promix is an alternative chromatography technology for efficient resolution of peptides and proteins. The technology is based on a combination of two interactions – hydrophobic and ionic. This approach is possible due to a new type of separation media: a chemical combination of hydrophobic and ionic functional groups on a ligand bonded to a silica support. With this phase, unparalleled selectivity and peak capacity can be achieved. Independent adjustment of the amount of buffer and organic modifier creates an infinite number of separation conditions that are suitable for many types of biomolecules. Chromatographer utilising multiple interaction are professional chromatographers.

Detailed description of Promix Properties

Promix MP-Promix AP and Promix SP
Properties of Promix MP-Promix AP and Promix SP

Promix is a new type of chromatography stationary phase designed for separation of proteins and peptides. There are four types of phases that SIELC specialists developed for separation of this type of bio-molecule.

Promix SP is a column for very short and/or very hydrophilic peptides. Typically it is difficult to retain such peptides on RP column. The Promix SP column offers an improved retention profile and alternative selectivity if compared with RP separation.

Promix AP is a column designed for short basic peptides. This phase allows the retention of peptides with several histidine and lysine residues. A pH gradient is the most convenient way to control retention of basic peptides on this column. Use a buffer with a neutral or slightly acidic pH (4.5 – 7) in the beginning of the gradient, and use a more acidic buffer (pH 2 – 3.5) in the end of the gradient elution.

Promix MP is a column designed for medium size hydrophobic peptides. Typical applications include protein digest which increases peak capacity of the digest by 30 to 50%. This column offers alternative selectivity if compared with simple RP columns. Typically difficult to separate pairs of peptides can be resolved on this stationary phase.



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