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Ghost-Buster Column 2

Ghost-Buster Column 2 was developed to reduce the incidence of ghost peaks during HPLC/UHPLC analysis.

As time goes by detectors and columns become more sensitive. During HPLC/UPLC analysis, especially in gradient elution or after long term usage of the system, some unexpected peaks, which are usually called “Ghost-Peaks” may appear in the chromatogram. The commonly used Ghost Buster Column can capture ghost peaks. Unfortunately, they are often accompanied by the fluctuation of the baseline in gradient elution. That may affect the integral chromatographic peaks. Ghost Buster Column 2 was developed the eliminate baseline fluctuation.

The new Ghost-Buster Column 2

Ghost Buster Column 2
Ghost-Buster Column 2

Welch new column will adsorb impurities in the mobile phase. This leads to better chromatograms and longer column life.  Baseline drift caused by excessive initial proportion of aqueous phase in gradient programs is perfectly solved. This ensures a stable baseline and the probability of baseline fluctuations is dramatically reduced.


Install Ghost-Bustercolumn 2  between injector and mixer.  Make sure that no sample will go through the Ghost Buster Column 2

Column Conditioning

The Ghost Buster Column 2 must be flushed with 80% Methanol and 20% Water at 1 ml/minute for 4 to 5 hours before use.

Replace the column when it starts to lose its ghost peak capabilities are being lost.

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