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Fraction Collectors

Why Fraction Collectors

After separating or purifying the target compounds the compound fractions will depart from the column either via a detector or directly to the Fraction Collectors.

There are many different models of fraction collectors, small once, large ones, round once , squere one – it all depends on what you aim to achieve.  Fraction collectors are here to harvest the separated and purified compounds for

  1. Further Analysis (2D Chromatography)
  2. Sale or transfer of the purified compound
  3. Clinical evaluation
  4. Further modifications

What kind of Fraction Collectors fits your requirement?

 There is a wide range of different fraction collectors available ranging from Integrated square box types for mainstream analytical HPLC systems to Rotary FC to XY Cartesian FC and Prep and Production Scale Fraction Collectors.

Some also have EX Protection.  Most people require special performance parameters . Please check our standart products below or send us a desription of your requirements including a specification of level of automation.

We offer a standard range, alteration to standard rang to meet special requirements, or custom designed and constructed FC.