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LC Columns, Cartridges & Frits

LC Columns, Cartridges & Frits

Empty Stainless Steel HPLC Columns
Empty Stainless Steel HPLC Columns

In Chromatography a wide range of LC Columns, Cartridges & Frits constructions and materials are being used. This section contains empty columns for self-packing.  If you require packed columns please visit the relevant manufacturer in the above menu.


A column is a tube made of different materials (SS, SS316, PEEK, PP) having a frit at the bottom-end to retain the stationary phase and a distributor frit at the top-end. A column can be “packed” with Chromatography materials having different chemistries(Silica, polymers, Carbon-based materials) and physical properties. (pores, ligands-chemistry, ligand size, surface area, bead structure, bead dispersity, bead strength). To increase sample resolution finer materials are being used or longer columns. Consequently, higher feeding pressure in the liquid phase is required. Some compounds are not soluble at room temperature. Such columns require to be placed in an oven. Some liquid phases swell the materials and some corrode the column. We offer surface chemistries that extend column life up to 20 times. At both ends of a column are appropriate connectors to assure a tight flow.

Even liquid phase distribution into large diameter columns is difficult. There are two strategies to overcome the problem 1. Axial compression or 2. Radial compression.  We offer diaxially compressed columns.

 A cartridge is a holder for stationary phases. 25 years ago we developed columns that comprised of different cartridges filled with different materials. The cartridges were put on top of each other in an outer column and compressed to achieve uniform flow through the cartridges. It was very difficult to avoid leaking and so we stopped system development.

The term is also used for parallel tubes or syringes dry-packed with coarse silica for low-pressure Flash purification. Many stationary materials are hygroscopic and absorb moisture. Consequently, parallel tubes and syringes have to be sealed from both ends. Cartridges are a preferred purification tool in the synthesis of new compounds (Hits and leads). In this application, lots of waste products are produced and only a few by-products result.  However, they should never be used in the separation/purification of natural compounds. In this application, we have often hundreds if not thousands of compounds and often the small peaks are the interesting ones.

Our Commercial Product range

  1. Stainless Steel Analytical UHPLC Columns  and Frits for pressures up to 1000 bar (Available on request)
  2. Stainless Steel Analytical HPLC columns, capillaries, and Frits for pressures up to 400 bar
  3. Stainless Steel Semi-Prep &  Prep Columns and Frits for HPLC
  4. Stainless Steel Production scale  DAC Columns
  5. Conical Glass Column and Frits  for MPLC
  6. Parallel Glass Column and Frits for MPLC & Flash
  7. Diaxially Compressed Glass (BioChromatography) Columns and Frits
  8. PEEK Column for HPLC
  9. Chemically Stable HPLC Column  & Frits (available of request)
  10. many types of Cartridges are available in bulk quantities.

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Stainless Steel HPLC Columns

Are the prime instruments to separate molecule mixtures into individual components with solvents or supercritical fluids under high pressure.

Fundamentally we differentiate between analytical, semi-prep, prep, and production scale columns.

Care has to be taken with the selection of columns.  Some biomolecules have an affinity to steel and some molecules are unstable or denature under pressure.

SS Columns are also used as extractors or chemical reactors. Often they have to survive extreme chemical conditions.  During the past 20 years, we have experimented with a wide range of surface implantation and specialized chemical resistant coatings.  If you use corrosive mobile phases please contact us for specially coated columns.

To pack columns a range of packing tools are required.  To assure even solvent distribution and particle retention frits are required.

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Glass Columns

The Glass columns are divided into

  1. Conical Glass Columns
  2. Axial Compression Glass Columns
  3. Jacketed  Columns Axial Compression Glass Columns

They can be used in synthesis, biosynthesis and purification and separation operations

Max. pressure: 30 bar

Temperature range: 4°C and 80°C

Inner tube: high precision tubing with a wall thickness of 5 mm

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