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LC Software & Controllers

LC Software & Controllers available from Chromatographyshop

LC Software and Controllers manage and coordinate the functions of Systems and Components such as Pumps, Valves, Detectors, Autosampler, and Fraction Collectors.

Software is a highly specialized endeavor. Some manufacturers write software for their own components and others are independent. The later software can be used in connection with a wide range of components.  The life sciences drive on diversity and thus we sell software from highly competent independent software manufacturers.  Most of them have a history of 25 to 30 years of permanent development and product improvement.  The market is competitive and so most Programs are similar with regards to performance/cost relationship.

Controllers are manufactured to control specific components.  Some companies create highly developed controllers to maximize the performance of specific components, 

To minimize complexity we offer software that you may install yourself or software the is already installed in some form of PC. You also may buy just Controllers to be configured by yourself or a combination of the controller with various components or systems.

Many clients move from analytical to prep scale and take with them habits that they have acquired from the analytical scale software.  For us, it is important that chromatographer feel comfortable with their new software so that they can very quickly become productive. Please discuss with us your needs and then evaluate at least two of the software packages before you buy them.

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