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CO2 Extraction (SFE)

CO2 Extraction (SFE) is a leading green and sustainable method using carbon dioxide that produces intact natural ingredients with no trace of undesired residual solvents. SFE with carbon dioxide has found broad applications in the Pharmaceutical, Food, Natural Products and Polymer/Plastic industries. Extended use of SFE is found in formulation, sterilization and environmental cleaning. Commercial industrial plants have been developed to produce decaffeinated coffee and tea, fatty acids, spices, vegetable oils and Hemp extracts.

PIC Solution extraction technology takes advantage of the tunable properties of CO2 to enable selective fractionation and for example separate terpenes from cannabinoids in a single extraction run.



PIC-Lab DE SFE is a powerful tool for the economical development of optimal CO2 extraction methods and extraction of small amounts of compound and biomass.

PIC-Lab SUPER SFE for CO2 Extraction


PIC-Lab SUPER SFE series allows extraction of multi kilograms of biomass and compounds per day. Specific instrument sizes can be designed to support your workflow and for achieving your desired productivity.

PIC-Lab Industrial Scale CO2 Extraction (SFE)

PIC Lab Industrial scale SFE
PIC Lab Industrial-scale SFE for CO2 Extractions (SFE)

The industrial-scale CO2 extraction models are offered in partnership with a global and recognized leader in the extraction of food ingredients and process automation. Large scale CO2 extraction technology combined with PIC Solution’s proprietary SFC technology offers a complete solution for producing high quality and compliant natural products extracts such as Hemp extracts.

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