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SFE – SFC Separation

SFE-SFC Separation the strategy to become a market leader

SFE-SFC Separation technique combines the power of CO2 Extraction and CO2 Separation in one step.

The in-line Extraction-Injection technique (X-Injection) is available on our standard SFC instruments.

The Dual SFE-SFC mode enhances further PIC Solution SFC instruments capability by enabling either extraction or separation on the same instrument.

Extraction Injection (X-Injection)

The Extraction-Injection (X-Injection SFE-SFC Mode)

is available on our semi-preparative and preparative systems to help you purify poorly soluble samples, speed up the isolation of minor impurities and perform in-line extraction-analysis/purification of sensitive compounds in one experiment.


Dual SFE – SFC Mode

The dual SFE-SFC mode offers a single piece of equipment to perform either separation on a stationary phase or conduct an extraction process. Our “One Machine – Multiple Use” concept supports your workflows and reduces costs in the extraction and purification of compounds relevant to drug discovery compounds, Hemp extracts and other natural products.

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