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Poverty can be prevented

Poverty can be prevented thanks to many new opportunities!

In good times, around 2% of employees plan to start their own business one day. Unfortunately, many do not have the courage to realize their wish. In fact, every crisis leads to a restructuring of economies. This is also a unique opportunity to participate and to grow with new ideas. All economic crises lead to unemployment. However, poverty can be prevented, since in turbulent times new opportunities arise for independent people!

Some governments build reserves from higher taxes. In economic crises, they invest the reserves to help companies and employees with income during the crisis. For countries without reserves, unemployment increases immediately. Economists argue in countries with reserves that keeping workers in zombie jobs is better than unemployment. With a pandemic, nobody knows how long it will take to return to normal. What is for certain, unemployment will arise in all economies either early or late in the crisis.

Lots of nonsense in our industry

In January 2020, a corona-driven crisis became apparent. Consequently, we decided to immediately develop new low-cost chromatography systems for people that have lost their jobs and are determined to start their own existence.

Large companies invest substantial amounts of money to robotize chromatography with the aim of reducing labour costs. However, independent and innovative people need absolutely nothing to fear.

It is important to understand reality:

All new businesses start small, with little money, from friends, family and perhaps from business promoters and most certainly with a clear determination to become successful.

To survive, you need to find potential customers quickly. Please focus on people that are ready to buy your services. You must tell them what you can offer and then keep the promise.

You also need tools – not Rolls-Royce tools because you can’t afford them. Go for inexpensive multipurpose tools. Maintain them yourself to save money and innovate!

Offer a fair price for your services and surprise your customers with attention to detail and first-class service.

Look for more customers and don’t waste your time with people who don’t treat you as partners. Work hard and forget vacation in the first year. Have an open and constructive relationship with your customers.

By year-end, you should have enough cash to repay your kind lenders, or you should pay interest and invest the money to expand your working tools.

No business school teaches you how to survive as an entrepreneur.

Every entrepreneur must find his own survival strategies!  We will help, everyone who purchases a chromatography system from us receives a copy of my book “The Entrepreneurial Mindset.” In this book, I reveal what I have learned in the real world as an entrepreneur for over 40 years.

Dear chromatography specialists become your own boss and create a very interesting, constructive, and long life for yourself. Check our chromatography system https://www.chromatographyshop.com/instruments-tools/advanced-lc-systems/

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