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Column based HPLC Processes

General Description Column based HPLC Processes

Educational Video about: Column Chromatography (English) High School Level      

Educational Video about: Column Chromatography (English) Technician Level        

Educational Video about: Column Chromatography (English) Post Graduate Level

Educational Video about: Column Chromatography (English)  Technician Level       


Specific Process Descriptions of Column based Chromatography for Analysis

                   Revers Phase Liquid Chromatography (RP)                                  

               HILIC and ANPC Liquid Chromatography                            

                                            ERLIC Chromatography                                                              

                   Normal Phase Liquid Chromatography (NP)                      

          Hydrophobic Interaction Liquid Chromatography (HIC)              

                              Affinity Liquid Chromatography                             

      Size Exclusion  and Gel Permeation Chromatography  (SEC)  

                             Ion Exchange Chromatography (IEX)                      

                                        Ion Chromatography (IC)                                     

                             Chiral Separation Chromatography                                        

                                 Multi Mode Chromatography  (MMC)                                   

                                       Proteomic Analysis                                                         

                                       Metabolomic Analysis                                        

                               Haemoglobin Variant Analysis                              

                                         Protein Variant Analysis                               

                          Production Scale Chromatography                            



Material Design, Column Configuration and Packing  Research

After company formation, we wanted to create the most efficient and effective chromatography system there is. Between 1995 and 2003 we conducted a wide range of research. Indeed, we collaborated with specialist in Pharmaceutical companies Universities and Research Institutions. Our lab focused on new chromatography materials. We also evaluated new column shapes. 

LCC was the first company to design and build the firstbuild a 10 Parallel Columns Flash   system and ultrasound assisted packing process. While we concentrated on low to medium pressure chromatography a partner evolves to worldwide one of the best HPLC column packer. Research was financed through successful exports of our novelties.  After 2002 very large sums around the globe went into Nano research. EU-Research also financed separation & purification projects. Worldwide billions were invested in Nano technology and everybody thought this large investment will turn into new products and processes in the life sciences.  Unfortunately, 15 to 20 years later we can’t find many companies that evolved through commercializing Nano Research. Newertheless, much of the research funds have given young people an opportunity to conduct research resulting in PhD.