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Haemoglobin Variant Analysis


PolyCAT A is the best separations available for Haemoglobin Variant Analysis  by cation-exchange. Indeed, as productivity minded labs you may perform routine screening with sample injection every seven minutes. Even more, all major and most minor variants are resolved. That also includes the difficult separation of Hb E from A2. Diagnosis of α-thalassemia is today routine, since one can readily measure Hb A2 levels differing by only 1-2% of the total. Hb A1c levels measured with PolyCAT A are typically 20% below those determined by other methods. This has been ascribed to the superior ability of PolyCAT A to resolve Hb A1c from other variants that would otherwise be integrated with it.

The Quick Screen Haemoglobin Variant Analysis Method

For Quick Screen use a 35×4.6-mm  PolyCAT A column (Art Nr. 3.54CT0510) packed with 1000-Å and  5-µm particle diameter material.

If variant are detected please rerun the sample

Conservative Test:

Use a 200×4.6-mm PolyCat A column (Art Nr  204CT0510) packed with 1000-Å and  5-µm particle diameter material.

Alternatively, you may also use

 A 35×4.6-mm PolyCat A column (Art Nr 3.54CT0315) packed with 1500-Å and  3-µm particles

A 50×4.6-mm PolyCat A column (Art Nr 054CT0315) packed with 1500-Å and  3-µm particles

The 100×4.6-mm PolyCat A column (Art Nr 104CT0315) of the 3-um material  affords separations that are probably better than is necessary for routine clinical analyses.