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Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

Some 50 years of Supercritical Fluid Chromatography R & D were required to obsolete HPLC and recrystallization!

SFC is:

  • Faster with regards to process development, purification, and separation. That means faster to the market and quicker to earn money.
  • This also means longer IPR protection and with blockbusters, additional capital gains in the millions if not billions
  • SFC /SFE Contributes to Reduced Carbon Footprint, utilizes “reclaimed” CO2 generated and captured by other processes coupled with on-line
  • Is environmentally friendlier than using toxic petrochemicals
  • CO2 can be extracted from the environment, it is available in great abundance and is a low-cost raw material. Thus SFC has a low process running cost
  • Time-Saving, Shorter Cycle time with gradual gradient elution
  • CO2 is safe that is non-toxic and non-flammable and non-explosive – you have no ATEX costs.
  • SFC has high diffusivity/low viscosity. It yields greater resolution per unit time
  • No pre-derivatization to achieve solubility and or volatility
  • Lower fluid viscosity enables the use of reduced column diameter/particle size.
  • Longer packed columns afford a greater number of theoretical plates.
  • Low temperature reduces the risk of analyte isomerization.
  • SFC Chromatography conditions are less extreme.
  • Routine normal phase chromatography is easy to manage and offers a high yield.
  • Applicable to analytical, prep and production scale operation
  • Greater flexibility. Scale-up of separation and Isolation of fraction is easy
  • Excellent for Chiral, achiral (Basic, neutral and acidic compounds ), polymer, petrochemical, biological and botanical molecules

We are part of a global collaborative network and since 1995 in Chromatography.

Our SFE/SFC partners are  pioneer and high-quality particles,  equipment and plant manufacturing specialists

Our SFE/SFC technology empowers you to profitably participate in the circular economy. You will be a light tower that shows with a good example of how profitable a circular economic process can be.

We offer a sophisticated and very competitive choice of SFE and SFC components and turnkey plants.

We also provide Pilot Plant facilities, Tolling operation, and Customer Training Services

We have global access to Researchers and Developers in up and downstream industries.

SFC is for use in drug discovery, drug development, clinical research, pharmaceutical (cGMP, OTC, NDI or API) biotech Food (Kosher, Halal), Dietary Supplement, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics, Personal care, and Polymer science and technology, Agricultural research, Environmental remediation, Petrochemicals, Phytochemistry, Biological chemistry and Cannabis

There has never been a better time to commence a new venture, acquire a new process to increase market share and profitability.

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