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Theory Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

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Theories in CO2 SFC and SFE

Phase Diagram:

Supercritical CO2 Fluid - Pressure - Temperature Profile
Ultimate Versatility ! Supercritical CO2 Fluid – Pressure – Temperature Profile shows that you have a HPLC/UHPLC – GC and SFC Process in one equipment.

At the triple point Pt the three pases  “solid-liquid-gas” are in a thermodynamic equilibrium. If we increase pressure and temperature we reach a critical point  Pc. If we pass the critical Point we come into the region Supercritical Fluid (Supercritical phase) The pase is similar to a liquid and the viscosity is like a gass.The conditions are easily obtained and maintained and that makes this method son attractive!

Supercritical CO2 Fluid Chromatography, the giant  in  analysis, isolation and purification!!


Why should I use CO2 instead of petrochemical  or fermented Organic Solvents?

SFC/SFE is nothing new, It took 50 years of R & D to develop Supercritical Fluid Chromatography and Extraction to evolve as modern process.  However today it is the giant of the industry! 

If you ask yourself what should I buy a HPLC, UHPLC , GC, TLC and recrystalisation.  In a continously changing world with growing influence of government authorities everybody has to be versatile and productive and that means chosing SFC/SFE Technology.

The giant list of SFC Technology Benefits:

  1. CO2 is Faster with regards to process development, purification, and separation. That means you are faster in the the market and quicker to earn money.
  2. If you do drug discovery this also means longer IPR protection and with blockbusters, additional capital gains that could be gains in the millions or even billions
  3. SFC / SFE is clima neutral. All our clients contribute to the reduction of the Global Carbon Footprint, This must be celebrated ! If we reach the magic number of 100 SFC/SFE instrument owners we invite you  to visit Switzerland. We work on a detailed program meeting other environmental pioneers from UNO, WHO and WEF and others
  4. Carbon Dioxise gas supply will newer run out and can be extracted from the environment locally, It is available in great abundance and is a low-cost raw material.
  5. Capital cost for SFE/SFC Instruments are higher than with other instruments since they are technically more complex. However the running cost are much lower. Thus SFC / SFE isa very productive manufacturing process.
  6. Using CO2 from the athmosphere als solvent enables you to to save time,
  7. With gradual gradient elution the cylce times become shorter.
  8. CO2 is safe, it is non-toxic and non-flammable and non-explosive – you dont have have no ATEX costs and complex regulation to be adhered too.
  9. There is high diffusivity/low viscosity using CO2 in SFC. This yields greater resolution per unit time
  10. No pre-derivatization is necessary to to achieve solubility and or volatility
  11. Lower fluid viscosity enables the use of reduced column diameter/particle size.
  12. Longer packed columns afford a greater number of theoretical plates.
  13. Low temperature reduces the risk of analyte isomerization.
  14. SFC Chromatography conditions are less extreme.
  15. Routine normal phase chromatography is easy to manage and offers a high yield.
  16. Our SFE/SFC is used in analytical, prep and production scale operation
  17. We offer much greater flexibility. Scale-up of separation and Isolation of fraction.
  18. SFC, this technology is excellent for Chiral, achiral (Basic, neutral and acidic compounds ), polymer, petrochemicals, biological and botanical molecules

Supercritical Fluid Processes can be divided in three different  Processes

  1. SFE, Supercritical Fluid Extraction (small to very large quantities)
  2. SFC, Supercritical  Fluid Chromatography (Ananlytical, prep  to production scale)
  3. SFx , Combination  of Extraction with Chromatography

Ultimate operational versatility: 

  1. 1. Isocratic Mode
  2. Gradients Mode  a. Solvent gradient  or b Density mode
  3. Cosolvents (10, 20, 30, 40, 50%) and wide range of co-solvents  e.g. MeOH, EtOH, 2 Prop etc)

Growing popularity and still early enough to make an impact

PubMed Publication from 1972 to 2021 regarding SFE-SFC Methods
PubMed Publication from 1972 to 2021 regarding SFE-SFC Methods. Approx. 220 publication /annum and growing. There is still space to make an impact

Post Pandemic Opportunities

Pandemics lead ultimately to economic slow downs if not desasters. Theses are also the very best times for establishing new economic growth.

In the past 20 years we saw a huge growth in the knowledge creating industry. Worldwide we have approximatively 400 000 different plants and 8000 medicinal plants that are being used in local traditional medicinal systems (Ayurveda, Unani, TCM, Jamu, Shaman, Inka medicines)  Rulers in these emerging economies started to introduce in their local universities courses that investigate the pharmacological and medicinal benefits of their genetic assets with an aim to create unique ethnopharmaceutical. They also thought to create interest in the western pharmaceutical industry for the molecules. Other thought the rich western pharmacompanies  will come to set up local production. 

In the meantime many young people started to study a with range of relevant profession. Many are researchers  and hope they will find jobs in the overseas pharmaceutival companies.  Unfortunately, Hedge Funds in most western Pharmacompanies have acquired controlling interests in the Pharmacompanies and invest large sums in AI and robotics and their approved suppliers with an aim to improve profitability for their investors.

In the emerging economies more and more researcher produce research papers. Infortunately, very few  people are interested in the data. A growing amount of politicians realize that they do not have suficient  tax revenue to finance a expanding research community.  The have to motivate the tertiary educated to convert they knowledge into products and services and to build export markets. 

With a sound idea and business plan we may be ablle to help our clients finding suitable  debt providers or equity investor to realize your business.

Out in the market there are thousands of Chromatographers to perfom analytical services , molecular isolation and many other special task with their chromatography instruments. With procurement they received the instrument, some specification and guidelines how to use their new systems.  The employer demand quick results from their employee and chosen instruments. Sometimes they follow webinars in which a few specialist demonstrate what they do.

In a fast changing world and post pandemic economic problems selling products and services sales have become the most important success parameter for companies. We too we like to have a growing amount of clients.  But we dont get more clients if we let them to develope their own skills. Our equipment offers the greates versatility and productivity.  This parameter are all in context to a target goal. As specialist we  want to create highly competent and happy instruments users that recommend and promote our tools. Thus we he have to create happy and successful Chromatographer! Fact is for everybody someting different, everybody has different overt and covert ambition and needs.

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