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Chromatographers are professionals that understand how to create value for their employer through chromatography. Value means e.g. unique processes that can be protected by IPR, strategies of patent expensions, faster methods, more robust methods, low cost – high through-put methods, high yield methods, compounds of higher purity etc. The added value can be substantial. A patent extension by say 2 years can bring additional revenue in the billions in whatever currency.

To do that the Chromatographer has to have access to a broad range of unique tools that enable him to achieve his target aim.  Visit the following topics:

    Professional Seminars and Workshops    

         Solvents used in Chromatography       

                           Column Care                          


Chromatographic Separation Mechanisms


Chromatography is more art than science

In recent years many Chromatographers have abandoned the value creation and turned into routine equipment operators, into users of Chromatography.

Any industry that stops advancing its knowledge and innovation will enter into a plateau phase of its product and industry life cycle. Plateau phases are instable situation. Either new innovators will come along with new ideas and methods to create new growth or some other form of innovation will create growth in other areas or some efficiency preachers will come along replace creativity tool with standartized method and procedures and to commoditize chromatography with the idea to gradually replace the specialist with assembly line workers and robots.

Chromatography is used manly in the life sciences. Huge wealth has been achieved by bio and oganic synthesis of highly specific and complex active compounds. All along the value chain purification and separation technologies are key components of success. Wealth growth in this sector can only be achieve by creating new products and services (new therapeutics and and diagnostics, therapeutic methods, new productivity tools) that are better, more competitive and unique. This Unfortunately many mangers have abandoned this path to success and replaced it lean management or finance acrobatics.

We are strong beliefers in product innovation. Since many years we create custom made tools to create an unfair advantage for some companies. In this section we present tool that help chromatography users and Chromatographers to do a better job.

If you have /own some tool that maybe of interest and benefit for colleagues please send it to us for publication.