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In the section Must Read you find the latest news, promotional deals, new technologies, techniques to improve your knowledge, efficiency and effectiveness.

Are we creators of our future?


Huge opportunities in the world of Chromatography Corona pandemics, local conflicts and wars in various countries,  global environmental problems…  Conflict after conflict causes many people difficult economic times. However, every economic difficult time triggers off also huge opportunities to get the economy back on track. We tend to forget that… Read more

Armut kann verhindert werden


Armut kann verhindert werden, dank vielen neuen Möglichkeiten! In guten Zeiten beabsichtigen ca. 2 % der Arbeitnehmer eines Tages ihre eigene Firma zu gründen.  Leider bringen viele den Mut nicht auf,  ihren Wunsch zu realisieren. Jede globale Krise führt zu einer Umstrukturierung der Volkswirtschaften. Das ist eine großartige Gelegenheit, an… Read more

Wir können es und nicht mehr leisten


Wir können es uns nicht mehr leisten, uns mit Versprechen verführen zu lassen! Liebe Freunde und Kunden, jetzt ist es Zeit zurückzukehren, um wieder messbar bessere und inteligentere Produkte und Dienstleistungen zu entwickeln. Wir können es uns nicht mehr leisten mit Spekulanten die Welt auszubeuten! Als Chemiestudent war ich fasziniert… Read more

We can no longer afford


We can no longer afford to be seduced by promises! As a chemistry student many years ago, I was fascinated by “futurology”. It was regarded as the science that enables us to anticipate and calculate in advance how crises develop in society, industry, and on a global level. Then, in… Read more

Poverty can be prevented


Poverty can be prevented with new technologies! In good times, around 2% of employees plan to start their own business one day. Unfortunately, many do not have the courage to realize their wish. In fact, every crisis leads to a restructuring of economies. This is also a unique opportunity to… Read more

Chromatography Calculators to improve your efficiency


In chromatography often calculations are required. Our partner Yazawa-san from IMTAKT has designed four different Chromatography Calculators to do perform important calculations. The “Sample Solution Calculator” is attracting many visitors. Please check them out  https://chromatographyshop.com/knowledge/skill-improvers/chromatography-calculators/ ‎ Read more