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“I know” Automatic Analytical System

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“I know” Automatic Analytical System

“I Know” Automatic Analytical System is a Range of automated gradient HPLC and UPLC systems. The range comprises 8 different system for productive analytical Chromatographer who know what they do. You may choose between four Analytical Quaternary Gradient HPLC Systems and four  Analytical Quaternary Gradient UPLC Systems. In four Systems is installed a sophisticated, high-quality Analytical  UV-Vis PDA Detector that measures at eight wavelengths simultaneously or performs a full scan from 200 to 800 nm. It empowers you to see the spectra as 3 D pictures that you can cut in wavelength or time spectra.  Four Systems have installed a UV-VIS Detector that measures continuously variable wavelength between 190-800 nm.

All 8 Systems have an automated autosampler 2x 48 vials, quaternary gradient forming box, degasser, and a column oven that can be heated or cooled between 0 and 80°C.  Half of the range is available without a PC. You have to procure from your local supplier a PC with Windows 10 operating system, Screen, Keyboard, and Ethernet cable to connect to the system. We will supply the relevant software packages. The other half of the “I Know” System is available with an inbuild industrial PC and all Software. In this configuration, you procure from your local supplier a Screen, a Keyboard, and an Ethernet (LAN) cable.

Why “I Know”-Analytical HPLC System?

There are many highly skilled chromatographers working in Institutions and Industry. They know precisely what is required to work efficiently and effectively in solving their assigned problems for their employers. Unfortunately, there is also a growing trend for Non-Specialist to tell Chromatographer what can be procured and from whom. It is not productivity that drives the decision,  it is about control and power. It is a fact the life sciences and health sector can only progress with growing innovation and productivity. Competent Chromatographers know that. When procuring instruments they make sure that they can contribute innovation and productivity. “I know” is for such Chromatographers who know what to do.

In the past few years, the large mainstream chromatography suppliers argued that artificial intelligence will take over chromatography. This proposition forgets the fundamental reason why we work and create progress through innovation. The human population is permanently expanding and everybody is trying to acquire skills and to create added value. If we shift this process into a machine we create unemployment and we have to finance the subsistence of those people that have been replaced by the machines.

We discovered that chromatographers that maintain and repair their tools have deeper skills and better job stability. In the post-Corona era work will be performed by more start-up companies and in remote places.  The cost of maintaining such tools will raise costs and productivity will suffer. We will teach and assist our clients with remote technologies to maintain their instruments with original high-quality spare parts and

Chromatography is not only method development or straight out working. Chromatography is more of an art than a science. It is also innovation and productivity improvement. Chromatographers that take care of their equipment are better innovators are more productive and have better job stability.


Component Description of the System

a. Consensus AUTOSAMPLER L-3320, P/N: ARA03320

Automatic autosampler ensuring excellent accuracy and linearity of sample injection. Very low sample residue contamination, μl pick-up mode achieves zero sample loss. Automated self-checking. Rheodyne valve ensures reliable operation.

b. Consensus GRADIENT BOX WITH DEGASSER 2004B and no inbuilt PC, P/N: ABA0000X  or with inbuild PC 2004BPC, P/N: ABDPC000

The Gradientbox accommodates a container for solvent bottles, a built-in highly-efficient vacuum degasser, and a four-way gradient valve. Up to four solvent lines may be degassed simultaneously by one unit. A four-way gradient valve is controlled from the Analytical pump No 2010.

c. Consensus ANALYTICAL 40 MPa HPLC PUMP 2010, P/N: ACA0000X  or Consensus ANALYTICAL 60 MPa UPLC PUMP 2010H, P/N: ACF0000X

This isocratic pump works with Consensus Gradient Box 2004B as a quaternary gradient pump. The flow rate range is 0.01-10 ml/min and the pressure limit at 40 MPa or 60 MPa respectively. Unit software includes a new learning algorithm for pulsation suppression and many testing and diagnostic functions.


This column oven allows operating at elevated or reduced temperatures. It guarantees precise temperature stabilization in the range of 0-80°C.  A big compartment room can accommodate up to 3 columns with length up to 25 cm. Peltier technology offers the possibility of heating and cooling independently from room temperature. 

e. Consensus UV-VIS PDA DETECTOR A2800, P/N: ANW0000X  or

Analytical Photo Diode Array PDA Detector measures at 8 wavelengths (spectrum of 200 to 800 nm) simultaneously or performs a full scan with speed up to 100 Hz. 3D support in Clarity SW. Noise level ±5×10-6 AU. Four analog outputs. Two special mathematical channels are available. Analytical cell AD 05 is included.

f. Consensus UV-VIS PDA DETECTOR A2800, P/N: ANW0000X or a  Consensus UV-VIS Variable Wavelength Detector 2800 measures continuously variable wavelength between 190-800 nm P/N ADA0000X

The advanced Analytical UV-VIS PDA Detector allows measuring the absorbance of eight wavelengths simultaneously in one cell just as measuring of the whole spectrum (scan) and to display a 3D spectrum cut by wavelength or time. The Consensus UV-VIS Variable Wavelength detector measures between 190 and 800nm

Cell AD05 is included as a component of the detector. Three selectable flow cells AD02, AD05, and AD10 with optical path length 2.4, 5, and 10 mm are available on request. The cell could be easily removed from the front of the unit. A high standard deuterium lamp in a special socket enables easy exchange from the front panel.


This system is fully controlled by Clarity Chromatography software, which is also a part of delivery. Clarity software complies with CFR21GLP requirements.

  • Clarity – Station for 1 instrument, P/N: AP000C50
  • Clarity module for HPLC control, P/N: AP000A24
  • Clarity SW module for Auto Sampler control, P/N: AP000A26
  • Module for PDA data Clarity (SW)

h.  Accessories for analytical system series  I Know – Advanced P/N

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