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LCC Engineering & Trading GmbH

Steinbruchstrasse 4
CH-4622 Egerkingen

Registration No. CH-, Reg Date: 29.8.1997
Vat. No. ‘CHE 108.663.073 MWST’, IBAN:’CH94 0833 4000 0S33 1582 B’

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Strong Company Profile and Partners


  1. A broad range of high-quality chromatography products and systems from globally active manufacturers. (With many supply partners we have mutual sole distributorships in clearly defined territories)
  2. Experienced technical support team
  3. New product design and development
  4. Confidentiality guaranteed
  5. Column selection guidance
  6. Budget bridging
  7. Troubleshooting advice.
  8. Free application searches
  9. Very large HPLC applications database
  10. Free method strategy consultancy
  11. Method development and optimisation service
  12. Column validation service
  13. Samples chromatograms from a wide range of columns
  14. Wide range of chromatography materials, equipment and plants
  15. Unrivalled product knowledge to provide neutral advise
  16. Extensive range of column dimensions
  17. Customer supplied packing
  18. Batch reservation service
  19. Unrivalled experience in the manufacture of superior quality columns from microbore to preparative scale dimensions.

System, Instruments, Components

PIC Solution is a specialist and the leading manufacturer of Supercritical Fluid Chromatography and Supercritical Fluid Extraction Systems. We have formed a collaborative partnership to sell and distribute their systems.  We also represent various component and instruments manufacturers and created our own unique  LCC HPLC and UPLC Systems.


Through our network of business partners, we cover >95% of the world’s leading brands. If we cannot supply your specific HPLC column requirement we will be pleased to recommend an alternative.

Budget bridging

Many clients, especially those in Universities and large companies are forced to consume their annual budgets before the end of every year. This forces the clients to start buying products they don’t need immediately. We help to solve this problem by selling a product package in the old year so that they can consume it in the first half of the coming year whenever they want to use it.

Column Lifetime and Stability

The quality and aqueous stability of HPLC silica are continuously improved. However, the inherent chemical instability of bonded phases at low pH and the dissolution of silica at high pH remains an underlying problem.  We can advise on recommended column usage conditions, column protection and storage.

Troubleshooting Advice

Advice on impurity peaks, sample cleanliness, scale-up and many other HPLC column issues is readily available.

Column Selection

The recent development of numerous new ranges of HPLC columns has complicated the chromatographers choice. Our scientists will be very happy to discuss your individual needs and recommend a column. We maintain a wide-ranging library of general and manufacturers’ literature. Our practical experience in manufacturing and evaluating our own columns, together with those of suppliers and competitors, gives us a wide-ranging knowledge of column selectivity. We are similarly able to advise on column reproducibility and validation criteria.

Applications DataBase

We have access to the worlds largest reference database of HPLC applications and columns. It currently contains applications involving over 40,000 analytes separated on a wide range of column materials. Approximately 2000 of these applications are related to chiral analyses.
Applications cover a broad range of compound areas, including:-

a) Biochemical (e.g. peptides and proteins)
b) Food
c) Ion analysis
d) Organics
e) Pesticides and environmental
f) Pharmaceutical
g) Polymers
h) Vitamins
i )Medical and Radio-pharmaceutical

Searches can be performed for an individual compound, a mixture of components or a specific column. This proves useful in aiding the selection of a suitable column for a particular analysis or in finding alternative columns for a given assay.

Method Strategy

Where suitable, our technical staff are able to discuss and recommend method strategies for customers using the application database. If appropriate, we will practically develop and optimize the most suitable HPLC method.

Column Screening Service

As the availability of HPLC silicas increases, the selection of the optimum column for a particular method is becoming an increasingly onerous task. We maintain an extensive HPLC column library and are well placed to evaluate and advise on the selection of the optimum phase.

Method Development and Optimisation Service

Once an HPLC phase has been chosen the optimum column configuration and HPLC conditions need to be selected for required efficiency, speed of analysis, relevant eluent pH, temperature and other practical parameters. We offer both advice and practical support in method development and optimisation procedures.

Column Validation Service

An approved method needs to be checked for robustness and reproducibility. We will evaluate the performance of a method over a period of time. We will also validate the performance of columns manufactured from different batches of the same material.

Wide Range of Materials and Column Dimensions

Please contact us if the packing or column dimensions you require are not listed or standard. We have highly experienced column manufacturing partners that are able to supply columns that fit your specification. Additional column hardware geometries are also available.

Customer Supplied Packings

In addition to the manufacture of columns containing commercially available HPLC packings, We routinely manufacture columns of any specified dimension from customer supplied materials. We will be pleased to sign a confidentiality agreement if required.

Batch Reservation Service

We recognise that column to column reproducibility is of utmost importance. Column manufacture is always optimised on the largest available batches of silica.
However, for particularly searching applications, we also offer a free batch reservation service which completely eliminates batch related reproducibility concerns. Based on your projected column usage (large or small), we will reserve the quantity of silica you require and pack columns as and when they are required.

Customer enabled equipment design

Although our plant and equipment design is extremely sturdy (compare the weight/price of our pumps with the weight/price of competitive pumps) and easy to handle we can’t promise that you never will experience any breakdown. However, whenever possible we design our pumps in such a way that with a possible equipment breakdown, our clients will be able to quickly and easily find and exchange the faulty components and without the use of complex mechanical and electronic tools. This enables us to get you back in operation in the shortest possible time anywhere on this globe.

Joint equipment development

Over the years we have pioneered together with clients and universities a number of new technologies with an aim to advance efficacy, efficiency and effectiveness of liquid chromatography. Don’t hesitate to discuss with us your new ideas or requirements