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“Moti-Watr” Chromatography System

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“Moti-Watr” Chromatography shows students the molecular truth!

Esteemed teachers and professors, students today are growing up in a world where facts and realities are required. “Moti-Watr” Chromatography shows the molecular truth of a substance.

Many students experiment with dubious substances without understanding what they do to them.  Warnings and regulations are not heard and are ignored.

Young people are convinced by involving them in experiments they never forget.  Moti-Watr together with motivated teachers get their students involved in applied learning with modern technologies.

It goes one step further. Young people hardly know that today one can visualise and prove pretty much anything. The situation changes when, for example, if a class is asked to collect urine in the school toilet, separate it into its components and to search for possible narcotics. Or by asking them how much sugar is hidden in their favourite soft drink brand.

Some realise that today everything can be analysed and proven and that there is no point in lying.  For others, such experiments create a hunger for more. They consider whether to pursue a scientific career or perhaps to study biology, environmental technology or chemistry.

Introduce the young generation to the real world with “Moti-Watr” Chromatography!

Every society needs to constantly renew itself as the global population grows. We live in an age where everyone has to help solve environmental problems and create new jobs. Renewal starts in the media, in politics and in a society where problems are discussed.  Researchers and developers hear about it and will try to create better problem solutions.  Manufacturers chose to take the better and competitive solutions to problems and turn them into products and services. Marketing and salespeople offer these solutions to other manufacturers and service providers or they are sold to consumers.

Once buyers commence purchasing the offerings, there is a flow of money. This creates new jobs and competition with existing products/services.  The cheaper, smarter and high-quality offerings will grow and the world will be renewed and systematically improved.

Many young people are impatient. They believe that the emerging environmental crisis can be stopped with pressure on politicians. We need to show the young generation that we need to work hard to develop unique and smarter technologies to build a lucrative circular economy and to manage the environmental crisis with problem solutions.

Chromatography gives young people an insight into how highly complex molecular systems can be analysed, separated into parts and intelligently assembled into new solutions.

Any student who has the opportunity to separate hemp plants into their components, for example, will understand forever the difference between THC and CBD. Some of them will also realise that the knowledge created can be exchanged with money or recognition.

“Moti-Watr” chromatography range

“Moti-Watr” analytical systems are highly competitive learning tools for schools, vocational schools, high schools, colleges and universities to motivate students and train professional chromatographers.

The “Moti-Watr” system range is divided into:

1-“Moti-Watr”TM Analytical Isocratic High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) System with your PC.

Item No: ASA0300X

Moti-Watr Isocratic HPLC
“Moti-Watr” Isocratic HPLC

The isocratic system uses the same solvent mixture during an analytical method and operates at room temperature. It consists of the following components:
Consensus Box for mobile phase bottles No. 2006. The box is suitable for the safe placement of mobile phase bottles.
Analytical/semi-preparative injection valve for manual injection. Valve1/16″ with 20ul sample loop and connector.
Consensus Isocratic Analytical HPLC Pump No. 2010 with a flow rate of 0.01-10 ml/min and pressure limit at 40 MPa.
The pump’s software includes a new learning algorithm for pulsation suppression and many test and diagnostic functions.
The Consensus UV-VIS detector No. 2600 offers continuous wavelength detection in the 190-600 nm range and a noise level of ±3-10-6 AU. The detector also offers high-speed sampling up to 100 Hz and automatic wavelength calibration. The AC 05 analytical cell is included.
This system is fully controlled by the Clarity Chromatography Software, which is also included. The Clarity software meets the requirements of CFR21GLP.
A number of accessories for the analysis system are included in this package
Note: Column and computer are not included. The PC system must have at least 3 RS232 serial ports or 1 Ethernet port. Also check the Clarity software requirements


2 “Moti-Watr” Analytical Gradient High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) system with your PC.

Article No: ASA0200X

The “Moti-Watr” Analytical Gradient HPLC System allows you to change the solvent composition between up to four solvents to solve very challenging separation problems.

Highly effective HPLC system designed from top to bottom as follows:

Consensus Gradient Box No. 2004B with degasser. The box is suitable for handling liquids in ECOM gradient systems. It houses a container for solvent bottles, a built-in high-efficiency vacuum degasser and four-way gradient valves. Up to four solvent lines can be degassed simultaneously from one unit. The four-way gradient valve is controlled from the pump. Consensus Analytical HPLC Pump No. 2010 : The flow range is 0.01-10 ml/min and the pressure limit is 40 MPa. The instrument software includes a new learning algorithm for pulsation suppression and many test and diagnostic functions.
Consensus column oven No. 2099 The column oven allows temperature stabilisation above ambient temperature. A large compartment provides space for up to 3 columns with a length of up to 25 cm. An overheating protection fuse prevents the destruction of temperature-sensitive columns. The temperature range is from ambient +5°- 99 °C. Manual injection into analytical/semi-preparative injection valve 1/16″ with 20ul sample loop and connector.
Consensus UV-VIS detector No. 2600 with continuously adjustable wavelength 190-600 nm and very low noise level ±3-10-6 AU, including high-speed sampling up to 100 Hz and wavelength auto-calibration. AC 05 analysis cell is included
This system is supplied with and controlled by CLARITY CHROMATOGRAPHY software. The Clarity software meets the requirements of CFR21GLP.


3. “Moti-Watr” Analytical Gradient High Pressure Liquid Chromatography System with Built-in PC-

Item No. ASA02PCX

The specification is as above. Whereas this system has a built-in PC without a monitor. You need to buy a monitor, keyboard and Ethernet cable suitable for you.

Note: Columns are not included. The self-purchased PC system must be equipped for at least 3 RS232 serial ports or 1 Ethernet port.

The Clarity software requirements must be checked.

When you purchase a system we supply a user book that shows you how to set up exciting separation experiments.

You are likely to conduct pioneering experiments with your students.  To calibrate the UV detector you will need standard chemicals

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