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PIC Solution leader in SFC & SFE Systems

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PIC Solution empowers you to become quickly a very effective and respected Chromatographer

PIC Solution is the leading designer, manufacturer and provider of Supercritical CO2 Fluid Technologies. Chromatographyshop is a leading service provider active in the Pharma, Chemical, Food, Natural Products, Nutraceuticals and Environmental markets. We provide equipment and turn-key solutions to fit your workflow and compliance requirements for research – pilot and production scale.

PIC Solution was founded in 2004 by Mohamed Shaimi in Avignon, France. Rapidly the company was recognized within the Pharma industry as a leader in the design and construction of high quality, robust and reliable SFC instrumentation. In 2008, PIC Solution built and commissioned the largest industrial-scale supercritical chromatography system, SFC-700. The system is currently being used in Europe to separate and purify pharmaceutical products.

Following several successful years and to respond to global demand for SFC and SFE, PIC Solution Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary with offices in San Diego, California, was opened in 2011.

In the last few years, PIC Solution has built a global collaborative network to expand services in Europe,(Chromatographyshop) North America, South America, India, China and Israel

PIC Solution serves the global market

With many years of combined experience in separation sciences, chemistry, extraction and process development our team offers a wide range of skills to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for your research, production workflow and compliance requirements.

We offer sales and consulting services in many areas of separation sciences, drug discovery and natural products research with advanced expertise in SFC, SFC-MS, SFE, HPLC, UPLC, high throughput purification, large scale separation, SMB, workflows and process development, laboratory automation, analytical chemistry & purification data management, systems qualification and compliance.

PIC Solution is the compelling innovator and pioneer

PIC Solution introduced the concept of “One Machine – Multiple Uses” by designing a single instrument capable of doing both analytical and preparative SFC. Our “One Machine – Multiple Use” concept was expanded to a new series of SFC instruments designed to do both CO2 Extraction and CO2 Separation, an ideal combination for Pharma and Natural Product applications including Hemp remediation and individual cannabinoid isolation.

A custom purification and extraction services team is available to solve difficult problems, optimize methods and deliver high purity products.

The compelling benefits to chose Supercritical Fluid Technologies

  • Chiral separation
  • Large scale separation
  • Environmental friendly Natural Product analysis and extraction.
  • Achiral separations – Libraries Purification (small molecules, peptides)
  • Impurities isolation
  • Production of Nutraceuticals
  • Bioanalysis & e-ADME
  • Membrane Permeability Testing
  • Formulation

PICLAB Product Range

  1. Hyphenated Instruments for automated Extraction – Chromatography
  2. Lab Scale – Pilot Scale – Production Scale Systems comprising of 7 special product groups and 21 special systems
  3. New high-throughput analytical SFC running 2-5 columns in parallel (up to 20 columns)
  4. Best in class OpenBed SFCMS enabling collection into small containers (also microscale separation is available)
  5. Production scale SFC (200-1500 mL/min) with the integration of MS
  6. In-line SFE-SFC to produce better compounds faster

PIC Lab Software

PIC Solution Software
PIC Solution Software

PICLab Software is available in a separate PC enabling users to conduct intelligent samples programming, automated sample runs and fast data visualization. PIC-Lab Software is developed GMP conform by scientists and interfaces with the Program Logic Controller (PLC) that manage all instrument module operations to ensure high reproducibility and robustness.

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