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SFE – SFC Fusion Technology

SFE – SFC  Fusion Technology ultimate in productivity

SFE – SFC  Fusion Technology is an extraction- separation-isolation technique that combines the performance of CO2 extraction and CO2 separation techniques in one step.

The in-line extraction-injection technique (X-injection) is available for our standard SFE units. Dual SFE -SFC model extends the capabilities of the PIC Solution SFC units by enabling both extraction and separation with the same unit.

Advantages of SFE – SFC  Fusion Technology 

  1. Government-friendly
  2. high-quality products
  3. cost-effective
  4. fast process control
  5. efficient
  6. high productivity
  7. waste minimising
  8. one machine suitable for multiple applications
  9. sustainable
  10. low energy consumption
  11. CO2 recycling
  12. CO2 recovery

Extraction injection (X-injection) Technique

Requires PIC-Lab ExtractIon column

The Extraction-Injection technique (X-Injection, SFE -SFC) developed by PIC Solution is available for our semi-preparative and preparative systems.

It supports you in the purification of difficult-to-separate samples, the faster isolation of minor impurities and the separation of sensitive compounds.

The extraction-injection technique uses an extractor to dissolve the dry sample or biomass in the supercritical fluid before injection into the stationary phase.

Our SFE-SFC Fusion  process technology is compatible with stacked injections and results in reproducible separations with excellent peak shapes. The amount of sample injected can be adjusted by changing the time, temperature and pressure of the extraction.

Since the sample is dissolved in the mobile phase, the possibility of sample precipitation is eliminated.

Procedure method for SFE -SFC separation

 X-injection procedure

  1. fill extractor with biomass/substance
  2. install extractor in the chromatograph
  3. test your method
  4. produce the target substance


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 PIC-Lab SFx 600 Equipment.

Our “One Machine/Device – Multiple Applications” strategy is designed to simplify processes and reduce costs.

The PIC Solution UEFC instruments can either be used for separation on a stationary phase or switched to an extraction process.

To enable standard extraction, an appropriately sized extraction vessel is connected to the UEFC units and the extraction steps are activated using our proprietary technology and software.

Key features

  • – Two instruments in one – for environmentally friendly and sustainable processing
  • – CO2 diaphragm pump is highly accurate, durable, reliable and highly efficient
  • – Stacked injection with seamless injection module for fast and reliable cycles
  • – Back-pressure regulator is controlled with a robust and intelligent PIC solution.
  • – Detection with standard UV detectors
  • – The operation of the unit is controlled by a Program Logic Controller (PLC), which ensures continuous operations, reliable cycles and robustness.
  • – The user-friendly, proprietary PIC Solution software serves as an interface for preparing programming sequences and visualising data.

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